Felt Flower Power

Looks Like Christmas Outside..but, maybe this felt Flower Power Wreath will help issue in some
spring!  I made it up as I went and like the outcome.  It was fun but my main motivation for finishing it was to move on to my next project which is Mindy's Purse....I may make a pretend one just to not mess up hers.  Sometimes it takes a great deal of discipline to do things in order!  I'm not very good at it!

Baby Bundle of Sweetness!!!

Grandma Nesting

Because I'm the grandma who lives too far away and the in-law grandma, I don't have a clue what this sweet baby boy needs or you know what?  It doesn't matter.  It's probably not a quilt.  They do live in Arizona :)  I just needed to make him a quilt anyway.  I guess it's how grandma's nest.  Maybe it will be a cute addition to his room.
Now I wish I could just snuggle the little bundle, "blankie" or not.  He's darling and I can't wait to hold him and hope by the time I do, they are tired of holding him and ready to hand him over! 

Tyra...doing her thing

Cute Scripture Bags I just finished!


Following is the beginning to a fabulous blog that is more than worth reading....

I was up until nearly 1:30am today watching the tsunami in Japan live online. Terrible for the psyche and hard on the heart, I simply couldn’t stop watching it unfold. It’s utterly terrifying to imagine the devastation and separation that catastrophic events like this cause for people. In the face of this terrible news, there is much we can do as parents. In addition to donating to relief organizations, we can prepare our families. We have incredible strength and insight as the proud providers and nurturers of our children. Now, today, is the time to utilize this reminder for good and harness your concerns into preparedness.
On the news last night, reporters kept repeating that every home in Japan had an emergency kit ... that every family had a plan for an earthquake. They detailed how children knew at a very young age what to do when an earthquake began and families had communication plans to re-unite.    (follow the link)



Hidden picture, can you find spring???

Spring seems to be hiding this year.  I hope you have found spring!  In March, when all the hoopla starts and everyone starts filling in the brackets and getting all worked up over predicting the outcome of college basketball tournaments, it always reminds me of when Mike was at the MTC.   I remember sending him updates basketball March Madness, thinking he would really care.  He was really too busy learning french but, the Mom in me thought he needed a diversion.  Another article I sent him was about vendors selling yummy roasted bats on a stick in Abidjan, kind of like corn dogs at the fair!  I was just trying to prepare him for the culture shock.  That was a long time ago.  In June of 2005, we helped Mike and Melissa move out to Chicago where he began Medical school. Since then, they have had two more children and we have missed them terribly.  When he started school out there we knew that in March of 2009, would be Match day and with some variables that would depend on him and chance, we would know where they would go from there.  The days in March went so slow....we were so anxious.  He had worked so hard and done really well and had interviewing to specialize in Radiology which is quite competitive.  I was nervous.  Each day seemed like four.  Following is a link to their blog to find out more about Match day.  Needless to say, for me, it was an emotional day.  He and Melissa were delighted with the news of getting exactly what they wanted. They will move to Spokane for one year and then move to Phoenix for four and he will indeed specialize in Radiology.  With age I've become a bit soft and didn't only shed a few tears of joy and relief but I actually heard myself sob which....did worry me a bit.....I sounded like an emotionally distrait whanny!  But when I pulled myself together to identify my emotions.....yes, to own them......., (no need to pay John)  I felt gratitude for his protection, and humility for the obvious little role we play in our childrens lives.  Four out of our five children have thrived and become wonderful independent adults.   Only Tyra needs her mommy and she is just about 12.  Phew!  http://mnmpetersonfamily.blogspot.com/

Play keeps us vital and alive

Is this the puzzle piece I am missing in my life?  Maybe, although, I'm not sure I know how to let lose and reclaim it.  I found this illustration on a blog one day and haven't been able to shake it.  The quote that was with it was:
Play keeps us vital and alive.  
It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable.  Without it, life just doesn't taste good.    
~ Lucia Capocchione

Everyone has to find their own way to play.........
 Winter is tough.....last week was extra tough....
Linda, Gayla and Dianne and their husbands were in Mexico without us.  We couldn't go.  I thought if I ate at Taco bell, and tanned a little in the tanning bed, it would be okay.  But even when my taste buds were lighting up like usual, as I ate my cafe Rio salad, I was still thinking of them, waltzing down the beach with sandals on. The week had come and gone and I had almost forgot.  Last night, Hal was off on a scout camp out.
I sat down to check on the world and I found this picture of
my three cute sisters on the beach, in Mexico without me!
And just like that....it hit me....it's perfect.... 
I know how to play :)
Just look what I did.....it was really fun!....just me   
photo shop and my jimmy john sandwich.....
Sometimes we have to find creative ways to play!

New Years and Cookie Crumbs....

If you are reading this, you probably know me well enough to know that if I could eat anything I wanted to, and nothing else, it would just be cookies and chocolate-that's all and sometimes I do! That's why I go to the gym every morning. I even have a t-shirt that says
"I run so I can eat cake"
You might like my cookie story,
it's been a week and I'm still laughing.
Every night before bed, I have this ritual; I fill up my water bottle with ice water, I get my gym clothes ready, my coat out, I get out my gym bag....I everything ready to go to the gym the next morning. I can't give myself any excuses not to go. So....last week,
my black gym bag is on the bar stool, all ready to go and next to it, on the bar,
is this pkg of those hard yukky yellow vanilla filled sandwich cookies.
They are the, "only good in the middle of the night", kind of cookies. Anyway, before and on the way out of the door to the gym, I was eating some of those yukky cookies. Now-keep in mind that it is 4:30 a.m. and it is dark in our house, and on the way out the door....really dark.
I was on auto pilot as I entered the gym, sat down on the bench, took off my
slippers and ripped open the zipper of my black duffel bag to change into my running shoes.
Just as I ripped open that zipper, vanilla cookie chunks and crumbs flew off the top of my bag and all over the gym! They almost hit the people on the stationary bikes in front of the bench!
There were other people on the bench with me. They turned their heads and tried not to notice, probably thinking I'd be embarrassed. I started giggled and laughed the entire time I was on the treadmill, in fact every time I think of the look on the peoples faces, it makes me want to do it again on purpose! Wow, I need to get out more!

December Fun

The Fun and Parties started early at our house.  Mike and Melissa came the first weekend in December and Jessica came the 18th because the spa she works at was closed for remodeling.  It would have been a sad Christmas without her to pull my act together for me.  Sometimes, mothers take care of daughters, this time, daughter took care of mother.  I'm grateful that my children are all happily independent and I'm not a meddling mom but.....it would sure be fun if they live closer!  I'm grateful that Melissa loves her family and really wants to move back her and not to ARIZONA!!!  ( She may read this) 

We had fun making gingerbread houses, going to Drake's Birthday Party, going to the Ward Christmas Party, Taking Drake and Madelyn to see the lights and taking everyone down to see Mom and Dad after Christmas.  Dad looks like a natural with those Cache and Annie!